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Aankomende events Internationaal onderwijs:

Lees hier de eerste editie van het International Education Magazine.

Dit is een uitwerking van Farah die het afgelopen jaar de internationalisering van het onderwijs in Leiden heeft verkend.

Het LEF doet onderzoek naar het Leidse internationaal onderwijs met als doel om kennis te delen en kennis op te halen.

Vanuit dit onderzoek organiseert het LEF ontmoetingen om kennis te delen voor (toekomstige) onderwijsprofessionals.

Wil je meer weten over het onderzoek of contact hebben over het internationaal onderwijs? Neem dan contact op met Farah.


Some of our friends would like to share some interesting projects with you.

Expedition Teacher International

As Quinn told us, you can sign up for Expedition Teacher International. Are you international or do you know someone from abroad who would like to teach here in the Netherlands? Please let Quinn know by signing up for more information.
If this generates enough interest, chances are we can get this off the ground.

Internationally renowned two-day workshop in Leiden 

Innovate your lessons and integrate active teaching strategies!

Grab your chance at highly prominent 2-day workshop by TISA. This will help you promote 21st century skills. Suitable for all teachers and educators (po, vo, higher education) within any subject area!

During this 2-day workshop, teachers will learn principles and strategies that integrate the 4Cs Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking successfully and confidently into your curriculum!
Suitable for all teachers and lecturers (primary, secondary and higher education) and suitable for any subject area! A big plus is that we will get to know each other better too.

Price: € 200,- per person.

For questions or interest, call on whatsapp +31 6 43 28 33 16 or send an e-mail to:

Recap: International Education Conference

On Wednesday November 1st 2023 Het LEF hosted its first International Education Conference.

Please read the recap for all the interesting news and facts we shared during this event.